"I am absolutely please by the work you have done with me and my marketing strategy. I found your website to be clear, understandable and so appealing. Your service was exceptional and the marketing report you presented was on point. You highlighted what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and provided solutions to turn my wrongs into result oriented steps. I really appreciate your advise and I will be making steps to make changes right away! I would definitely recommend your service to other entrepreneurs just getting started and not sure how to use their tools to have marketing results and paying clients.”

-Zanny D., Owner Zanur Tours
February 14, 2019

Have you heard of this?

Microcopy. Have you heard of this? I recently learned a little more about this subject and I knew I hadto share it with you! First up, a definition. EConsultancy has a pretty good one. They say that microcopy “refers to the text that guides you along or instructs you to do something […]
February 14, 2019

Goldilocks and the 3 Ads

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the three 🐻? I mean, other than the breaking and entering and theft aspect… In the story, Goldilocks is presented with three options each time: one thing that is too much, one thing that’s not quite enough, and one thing that is juuuuust […]
December 2, 2018

Anatomy 101: Facebook Ads

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend, I know I did. Today marks one month since the launch of my Facebook Ads 101: Small Budget, Big Results inside my Social Marketing Academy! It’s been so exciting watching the sign-ups roll in this months. Facebook Ads can seem overwhelming if […]
December 2, 2018

It’s Facebook Ads Week ONE!

It’s a good thing you can’t hear me through the computer because I am shouting with joy right now. Just last week I launch my Facebook Ads 101: Small Budget Big Results Course in my Social Marketing Academy!!! This is the big one. This is the course I’ve been waiting to send out into […]
November 1, 2018
Once upon a time

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a woman 👸 named Meliss who sent really amazing emails to her subscribers about things like a Big Brother-themed birthday party and her friend Beth. People started to wonder why Meliss decided to tell these stories, rather than just give a list of information to […]
October 25, 2018
Big Brother & the power of video

Big Brother & the power of video

This weekend was my friend’s birthday. Rather than the typical dinner and drinks, Katie decided to put together a massive Big Brother themed birthday party. There were games, secret alliances, a diary room, a show host (meaning Katie’s husband, Max, pretended to be Julie Chen all night), and even a $200 💰 […]
October 25, 2018
I have an awkward question for you

I have an awkward question for you

I have a question for you. This might get awkward. I’ll admit, some of my clients get all flushed and sweaty when I ask them this question. Their eyes go shifty, their cheeks get pink, and they stumble over their words. Sometimes, they even get mad at me 😩 But […]
October 25, 2018
How I can be in 2 places at once!

How I can be in 2 places at once!

Ready for an experiment? Pull out your laptop and head over to the Meliss Marketing Facebook page. A messenger window will pop up on your screen when you reach my page. See that little button that says “Get Started” in the messenger window? Click it. Then, BAM! I’ll start chatting with […]
October 25, 2018
I have a confession

I have a confession

I have a confession to make… But before I do, let me tell you a story. It was a friend’s birthday recently, and I gave her a gift 📘 I thought she might like. I was right, because she was ecstatic when she opened it. “Meliss! This is so thoughtful! […]
October 25, 2018
RIP Organic Growth

RIP Organic Growth

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’m gonna give you the bad news first, because that’s how I’d want it. A whole lot of people are saying organic growth is dead. Do a quick Google search for “Organic Growth” and you’ll likely find what I did: a […]
November 7, 2019

Ep. 137 Are You Ready For FB Ads

In this video, I talk about Facebook Ads. Are you ready for Facebook Ads? I discuss: -How to know if you are ready for Facebook Ads. -What are Facebook Ads? -Why is it important to use Facebook Ads? -What you need to have ready to make your Ads successful! -Examples […]
November 5, 2019

Ep. 136: How This Shirt Is Gonna Help You Sell Your Group Program

In this episode (from our recent Facebook live), I talk about how Marketing can help you sell your group programs! How can Marketing grow your business? Why is it important to follow up? I discuss: – Why it’s important to put yourself out there! – What does Marketing your business […]
October 31, 2019

Ep. 135: Scaling Consistently

In this episode, I discuss scaling consistently. How do you stay consistent? This is our last episode for our Launch Series! I discuss: – Important steps to being successful while scaling consistently! – Why it’s important to be consistent! – What it means to be “scaling consistently” – Examples of […]
October 29, 2019

Ep. 134: Speak To Your Market And Build Momentum

      In this episode, I discuss speaking to your market and building that momentum. How do you speak to your ideal market? I discuss: – Speaking to your market and building your momentum is a part of our Launch Series! – What it means to speak to your […]
October 24, 2019

Ep. 133: Create Funnels That Do The Work For You

In this episode, I discuss how to create Funnels that do the work for you! Why are Funnels important for your business? I discuss: – Why are Funnels important to launch your group program? – What are Sales/Marketing Funnels? – Why it’s important to plan for your Funnels! – How […]
October 22, 2019

Ep. 132: Setting Up Your Marketing Systems

In this episode, I discuss how to set up your marketing systems. Why is that important for your business? I discuss: – When its time to set up Marketing Systems! – What are Marketing Systems? – Why it’s important to use Marketing Systems! – Why it’s important to plan for […]
October 17, 2019

Ep. 131: How To Know If You Are Ready For Group Programs

In this episode, I talk about when its time to start thinking about a group program! What does that mean?! I discuss: – What a group program is. – Steps to get to group programs. – How to have group programs. – What’s important when you have a group program! […]
October 15, 2019

Ep. 130: Back It Up

In this episode I talk about why you should “back it up.” Why is it important? We discuss: -How to protect yourself from losing your hard work! -Why it’s important to “back it up” -Have a back up for everything! -How to get support to “back it up!” -How to […]
October 10, 2019

Ep. 129: Your Mess Is Your Message

In this episode I talk about how your “mess” is your message. How can you use it in your marketing? We discuss: – Nobody’s life is perfect and that’s okay! – How to use the not so perfect aspects of your life to your advantage. – How to gain your […]