Funnel Strategy and Copywriting

The single biggest mistake we see companies make when they launch their business online is not building a sales funnel that pulls in their dream clients and leads them through a proven process that presents them with the most opportunities to take advantage of your products and services.

Here’s a perfect example of what not to do: you launch a Facebook ad for a promotion that takes everyone who clicks on it to your homepage. From there, who knows. Hopefully, they’ll find where they need to go to give you money. In other words, they only focus on the front end sale – an amateur mistake.

We see an insane amount of companies follow the “random acts of marketing” technique to making money online – you’ll be glad to know at Meliss Marketing, we don’t believe in random marketing.

Here’s an example of a Meliss Marketing sales funnel, a good example of what we would create for you:

As one of the most famous marketers alive, Dan Kennedy, says, “complexity means money – because your competition won’t take the time to copy you.” Great sales funnels are a complex set of landing pages that gets you the most value out of every customer.

We have the knowledge and experience to build you a sales funnel that makes you money on the front end AND the back end – getting you two, three, or even ten times the ROI.

Even the best sales funnel needs even better copywriting to make it work. Beyond just designing and implementing your funnel, Meliss Marketing will provide you with copy that compels your clients and customers to take action.

Just imagine how powerful and plentiful your sales will be when you combine a complex, smooth running funnel with forceful copy that leaves your clients begging to give you money.


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"Meliss' team is wonderful. Their expertise and willingness to explain everything in detail was a major help and load off of my shoulders. They helped me understand everything about my sales funnel and the entire process, which allowed me to work on my business and content. Meliss and her team are my trusted partners for life!”

-Roberta M., Owner RM Instructional Designers