Content Creation, Video, and More

It’s overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it? As a business owner, you have an insane amount of tasks piling up and keeping you awake – writing a blog or updating your Facebook page shouldn’t be one of them.

At Meliss Marketing, we can help relieve some of the stress of running a business by taking the weight of content creation off your shoulders. We can write blogs, manage your social media accounts, create viral videos, podcasts, voice overs, explainer videos and more.

And every piece of content we create for you is focused on one thing – getting you more leads. Yes, Facebook likes are good. Sure, an Instagram with thousands of followers is nice. But at the end of the day, you can’t deposit likes into your bank account.

So go ahead and let us take over some of the workload – not only will you get high quality, original content without spending one more second of your time fretting and stressing about getting it done but you’ll also be getting more and more leads.

Less stress while growing your business? No, you're not dreaming. That’s the power of working with Meliss Marketing.

Content Creation

Blog Writing
Social Media Management: Posting According to Industry Standards Across Social Media Platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest


Video Scripts
Video Lead-In Intro
High Quality Video Editing
Instructional Design: Whiteboard Videos
Instructional Design: Explainer Videos

and More

Podcast Intro
Podcast Outro
Podcast Hosting Set-Up
Voice-Over Acting
Transcription Services
"Meliss, you are trustable, likable and smart. From day one, I have been and continue to be impressed with your skill and creativity..”

-Graham F., Owner Peachtree Yoga