All Things Facebook

Ah, Facebook… It’s both a blessing and curse to companies. A curse because the longer you put off using it, the more you hear “You need to be on Facebook,” or “I messaged you 3 months ago but never heard back.” Or even worse, “I was going to use you but I found this other company on Facebook...”

Yet, despite that, Facebook is a major blessing for companies and consumers alike. You now have the ability to speak directly to your customer in real-time. And, with the right strategy, can build a following that will be brand evangelists, spreading your message to everyone in their circle of friends.

All of this power can be scary. One mistake and you’ve gone viral, and not in a good way – everything you’ve built could be destroyed. That’s where we can help. We have built hundreds of company’s Facebook profiles up from nothing to booming followings. We know where the pitfalls and snake pits are and, more importantly, know how to avoid them.

We’ll create beautiful ads (read: ads that bring in money!), landing pages, sales funnels, and email automation that will engage your dream clients, build trust in your brand, and transform them from indifferent to raving fans.


FB Ad Campaign Across Several Objectives
FB Retargeting
Lead Generation
Tracking: Your Prospects
Tracking: Your Client/Customer Purchase Behavior
Ad Image Creation
Look-A-Like Audiences
Email Automation
Messenger Bots
Data Collection
Video Views
Facebook Page Set-Up
Pixel Creation
"I am so grateful to Meliss for taking the time and effort she obviously did, to audit my website and facebook page. Her feedback was clear and concise and the insights she gave will enable me to make my website as good as it can be. I can't thank Meliss enough and would definitely recommend her services!”

-Jacky H. Owner at Virtually Bristolian