Why I gave away my secrets for FREE

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April 9, 2019
A Change of Direction
April 9, 2019

Free is a tricky thing in business. Not enough free stuff makes it hard to hook new clients and too much free stuff devalues your expertise. What’s a savvy businesswoman to do?

If you couldn’t tell by my HYPED💖 emails last week, I recently had a free training called “How We Got 211 Leads in 1 Weekend Using Facebook Ads.”

Around the same time my training launched, a discussion sparked up in a group I belong to. The question was simple:

“A lot of my friends ask me for advice about my industry. How can I politely tell them that my time is worth money?”

The answers to that question were a little more complicated. They ranged from helpful (You can say just that! It’s okay to charge your worth.) to concerned (I hope your friends aren’t taking advantage of you). But one response caught my eye because it was a total 💡 moment for me :

“I think it’s good to share free advice! By worrying about ‘giving away too much value,’ you’re approaching the issue from a place of scarcity and lack, rather than from a place of value. I’m not saying work for free, but if you’ve already got ideas that can help, share them!”

⚡😍 Sometimes the universe just aligns things for us, you know? That comment was justwhat I needed to read. When I saw the original question, it felt personal because I gave away so much good stuff in that training last week that I heard “Why don’t you charge for this?” more than once. I started to doubt my choice. Then BAM! That comment was there and it was just what I needed to see. Because I probably could have charged for the training. But I chose not to.

Here’s why:

💰It’s good business. There’s a ton of research out there that shows opt-in freebies work.They show your dream clients that you’ve got the goods, you can deliver them, and there’s more where that came from.

👋It’s good networking. Sometimes people don’t need help in their business beyond a quick question that I could answer in five seconds. I could say “Time is money, pay up!” or I could help them out. Odds are they will remember the person who helped them out. Now, I’m not going to give away the farm for free, but a little free advice goes a long way.

🌠It’s good karma. Helping people out is just the right thing to do. Just like the comment I mentioned above, if you’re living your life and running your business from a place of abundance, you’re going to attract abundance.

I know my shit. I’m good at what I do. (Like, really good. 211 leads in 1 weekend good. You should book a call with me RIGHT NOW good. #JustSaying)

Sometimes, being good at what you do means being willing to give up your secrets. Not everyone can afford to work with me, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a shot at kicking butt in their business. If a client can’t afford to work with me yet, I will help them get there with a few simple tips that will makeover their marketing like that.

Need some help with that opt-in freebie? Just reach out to my team– we can help!
All the best,