Who wants to be a multi-millionaire?

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April 9, 2019
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November 5, 2019

The research is clear: there is no more effective way to become a millionaire than creating multiple revenue streams.

Just look at Richard Branson. He started out with a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, back in 1972. Since then, Virgin has expanded from records into the Virgin Group; a holding group that controls more than 400 companies.



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If you’re freaking out at the words “400 companies,” don’t!

Branson is now worth billions. Pretty great for a former record store owner, huh?

Tom Corley, author of “Rich Habits”, found that:

🤑 65% of self-made millionaires had three streams of income.

🤑 45% of self-made millionaires had four streams of income.

🤑 29% of self-made millionaires had five or more streams of income.

See that? The vast majority of self-made millionaires had only three streams of income.

A lot of times, when I talk to my clients about that, they think they need to go the Richard Branson route and create several different businesses. Lucky for all of us, that’s not the case.

You’re already on your way to being a self-made millionaire!

Not only is that a great affirmation, but it’s true: if you have any form of passive income in your business, you’re already halfway there.

Adding an income stream is easier than it looks.

You can:

  • Sell courses
  • Become an affiliate
  • Write, publish, and sell books
  • Offer consulting
  • Get sponsors
  • Create a membership site

When you combine one or more of these income streams, you will skyrocket 🚀 yourself to self-made millionaire status.

Ready to implement some passive income streams? Reach out to my team– we can help!
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