Once upon a time…

Big Brother & the power of video
Big Brother & the power of video
October 25, 2018
It’s Facebook Ads Week ONE!
December 2, 2018

Once upon a timeOnce upon a time there was a woman 👸 named Meliss who sent really amazing emails to her subscribers about things like a Big Brother-themed birthday party and her friend Beth. People started to wonder why Meliss decided to tell these stories, rather than just give a list of information to her subscribers…

(Hint, that woman is me 😉)

I’ll be honest: I could just give my subscribers lists and be done with it, but I don’t. Why? Well, mostly because that’s really boring and I am not a boring person.

But also because storytelling is an essential part of the human experience and businesses can use that to educate and innovate.

Allow me to reiterate this very important point:

Brands don’t have to be boring.

It doesn’t have to be business 24/7. You can tell a story with your business, engage your customers, and encourage them to share their own.

If you need some inspiration, check out this video by ATTN: and T-Mobile. It’s about 2 ½ minutes long and it’s been shared thousands of times. This video is a perfect example of how brands can tell a story while addressing everything their customers want to know.

In this case, T-Mobile teamed with the viral marketing at ATTN: and told the story of frustrated customers dealing with horrific customer service. It addresses a common problem (bad customer service) expressed and experienced by customers while offering a solution: T-Mobile’s new Team of Experts.

In just one short video, the team presented a problem and told the story of how a brand made itself better by listening to their customers.

The video didn’t just say “Hey, we made a Team of Experts because people hate customer service.” (How lame would it be if they did that?!)

Instead, they told a story. They used humor, statistics, and several common human experiences to create something engaging and relatable.

You can do that with your business, too!

Be you. Be open. Be honest. Tell stories. Ask questions. Encourage your customers to share what they like, what they don’t like, and what changes they’d make if they could.

Then tell your story.

Stuck on telling a story that would resonate with your customers? Reach out to my team and we can help!

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