Oh, Trello!

Have you heard of this?
February 14, 2019
February 14, 2019

How was your first month of the new year? 🙌

Mine was great! But, I’ll be honest, I was really struggling with what to write this week. It’s such a weird time of year, right? We’re back into the swing of things but there’s still so much hope and promise for the year. So, that’s what inspired me in the end: all the promise that a new year brings.

My business grew a TON in 2018. With the blessing of new clients and an ever-growing team; staying on top of projects is more crucial than ever to the success of my business. At one point last year I was creating an Instagram strategy for one client, managing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Facebook ad spend for another and creating a brand-new email sequence for yet another. There no way I could have managed those projects and my team of graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers without a really solid project management system. That’s a lot of moving pieces to handle!

That’s why 2019 is going to be a great year for me to update my project management systems! Whether you’re a team of one 👤 or a team of one hundred 👥, “right now” is always the right time to think about your systems. And, with the massive growth I have planned for this year, my project management system must be versatile and efficient.

(Heads up! This article contains an affiliate link. It won’t cost you a penny if you use it, but I will make a small commission.)

Trello is one of my favorite tools for project management. If you’re not familiar with Trello, let me give you a little run down:

Trello allows you to create several digital whiteboards. You can create a series of lists within each board and within each list, you can create a series of cards. What you do with those cards is up to you! You can add images, video, text, links, checklists, and due dates, and even connect your boards with Google Drive or Slack.

So, are you asking yourself why it seems like I’m giving away a bunch of Trello advertising in my blog space?

First, it’s free to sign up (and I think you should); second, it’s an incredible project management tool. I promise that I’ll never recommend a tool or software that I don’t have alllll the heart-eye emojis for 😍😍😍 This isn’t a sponsored blog! I genuinely love Trello and think it’s a tool that everyone can use. I use it to organize everything, from client projects to meal planning, and even my emails to my subscribers!

Every project has three key components that require careful management: a deadline ⏰, required components 🖺, and a budget 💸. Trello helps me connect with my team to collaborate on ideas, organize all the pieces of a project, and set deadlines.

If you’re struggling to manage all the moving parts, you can always reach out to my team– we can help!

All the best,