How I can be in 2 places at once!

I have a confession
I have a confession
October 25, 2018
I have an awkward question for you
I have an awkward question for you
October 25, 2018

How I can be in 2 places at once!Ready for an experiment?

Pull out your laptop and head over to the Meliss Marketing Facebook page. A messenger window will pop up on your screen when you reach my page.

See that little button that says “Get Started” in the messenger window? Click it. Then, BAM! I’ll start chatting with you… from the past 😵

Like many business owners, I’ve jumped on the chatbot train. Chatbots allow me to be in two places at once— doing my daily tasks while helping potential customers get their questions answered on Facebook.

Yes, it’s really me you’re talking to on that messenger bot. Here’s how:

I use a chatbot, also known as a messenger bot, on my Facebook page. I anticipated the questions my customers might have and answered them in my own words to set it up. For any questions that can’t be answered by the bot, the messages get sent right to me and I reply ASAP. Now, when customers visit my page they can get help immediately.

Chatbots are AMAZING.

Imagine this:

You have a date tomorrow and you just realized you need a haircut. Like… really need a haircut. Only problem is, you’re stuck in a meeting that’s going to take up the entire afternoon. You can’t exactly make a phone call, can you? So you surreptitiously pull out your phone, hop on Facebook, and check out your local salon. On their page, a messenger bot pops up.

“Hi, how can we help you?” it asks, displaying two options:

  • Hours & Location
  • Request an appointment

You tap the latter, and the bot responds immediately with three more options.

  • Today?
  • Tomorrow?
  • I’m flexible.

You tap tomorrow because you want to be looking fresh for your date. The bot responds.

  • You want an appointment tomorrow. Okay, let me see what we have.

A minute or two goes by then, a response:

  • “Does 4 PM work?”
  • Yes
  • No

You tap yes, and immediately see:

  • “Great! You are scheduled for 4 PM with Lacie.”

😄 Could it get any easier?

Now, imagine you were on that same page, and no bot popped up. There was no little message asking what you needed help with, no one checking the schedule, no assistance of any kind. Just the usual Facebook page with the hours and some photos. Would you have been able to book an appointment, silently, in three minutes flat?

Or would that salon have missed a major opportunity to book a new client?

That’s what I thought.

Chatbots are a game-changer for businesses, and not just on Facebook.

Missing out on new clients because you just can’t keep up? Just reach out to my team and we can help!

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