Big Brother & the power of video

I have an awkward question for you
I have an awkward question for you
October 25, 2018
Once upon a time
Once upon a time…
November 1, 2018

Big Brother & the power of videoThis weekend was my friend’s birthday. Rather than the typical dinner and drinks, Katie decided to put together a massive Big Brother themed birthday party.

There were games, secret alliances, a diary room, a show host (meaning Katie’s husband, Max, pretended to be Julie Chen all night), and even a $200 💰 prize for the winner. Everyone had been hyping the game for weeks…

Except for me.


First: I have never seen even a single episode of Big Brother.

Second: I got really busy with my clients and never ended up doing the research I’d planned to do before the party.

All of a sudden, it was Saturday morning. The party was in 6 hours and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From listening to Katie’s conversations about the show and her party, I had more questions than answers. How do the games work? Why would I need alliances if I just win the games? What in the world is Head of House?

Yeah, it wasn’t looking good for me.

So I did what 90% of people would do: I went to YouTube and watched some videos. In the time it would have taken me to read one article, I was able to learn the gist of the show, understand the eliminations and veto power, and learn why secret (and not-so-secret) alliances are incredibly important to the game.

I made it to the final four (out of 14!) but was voted out by the birthday girl who was in a secret alliance with the rest of the final four 😒

Without those videos, I doubt I would have made it very far. Video is a super powerful tool for both the viewers and the creators because it’s a faster, more effective way to deliver information.

Here’s some data to back me up:


Video is just where it’s at, guys. And if a video is going to help my beat 10 of my friends at a party game, you bet I’m going to use it… Not only did I use a video to learn about the game, but we took diary room footage of each elimination and I’m about to study alllll of that in preparation for the next Big Brother birthday.


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