"I am absolutely please by the work you have done with me and my marketing strategy. I found your website to be clear, understandable and so appealing. Your service was exceptional and the marketing report you presented was on point. You highlighted what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and provided solutions to turn my wrongs into result oriented steps. I really appreciate your advise and I will be making steps to make changes right away! I would definitely recommend your service to other entrepreneurs just getting started and not sure how to use their tools to have marketing results and paying clients.”

-Zanny D., Owner Zanur Tours
March 26, 2019

Ep#79: Swipe Files 101

In this episode I talk about swipe files as a way to organize your business inspiration. We discuss: Common types of swipe files Why you should create one Tools to create a swipe file Nurturing your leads
March 21, 2019

Ep#78: Nightly Routines For A More Productive Morning

In this episode I talk about establishing a nightly routine in order to have a more productive morning. We discuss: Tidying up Prepping your morning Using a planner Shutting off your screens Reflecting and planning
March 19, 2019

Ep#77: 6 Tips For Better Instagram Stories

In this episode I talk about my 6 tips for better Instagram stories. We discuss: The magic number Telling a story Jumping in on fun trends Connecting with others Apps and Instagram tools Mixing it up
March 14, 2019

Ep#76: The Authenticity Formula

In this episode I talk about The Authenticity Formula and why it matters. We discuss: Honesty Vulnerability Adapting and change
March 12, 2019

Ep#75: Real Reviews

In this episode I talk about how you can solicit real reviews for your business. We discuss: Asking Why you shouldn’t offer incentives Responding to your reviews
March 7, 2019

Ep#74: Common Negative Mindsets

In this episode I talk about common negative mindsets and how to recognize them. We discuss: Impostor syndrome Scarcity mindset Perfectionist mindset Business FOMO
March 5, 2019

Ep#73: How To Create Your Email Automation System

In this episode I talk about how to automate your email system. We discuss: Various email management systems Brainstorming what you should discuss Writing your emails Call to action Frequency of emails Lead magnets
February 28, 2019

Ep#72: Getting Back Up

In this episode I talk about getting back up after you’ve been knocked down. We discuss: Defining your value How to keep moving forward
February 26, 2019

Ep#71: Difference Between A Facebook Ad And A Boosted Post

In this episode I talk about the difference between a Facebook Ad and a Boosted Post. We discuss: Ad creation Benefits of Facebook Ads When you should boost a post Increasing engagement